BMW PROTECTION PRODUCTS: Protection From Unexpected Road Hazards.
BMW designed and engineered your vehicle to give you the ultimate driving experience. The BMW Ultimate Protection Program features BMW Protection Products to keep you car good as new when you face unexpected road hazards. With various multi-coverage protection plans, this program ensures you will continue to enjoy the beauty and prestige of your BMW for years to come. Talk to your Alderson BMW Client Advisor to find out which of the below plans provide the right coverage for you.

Your BMW's tires and wheels are the only parts of your car that touch the road. Protect them from road hazards seen and unseen such as potholes, nails, glass, debris, and blowouts for up to 5 years. With the BMW Tire and Wheel Protection Plan, we'll keep the unexpected less expensive and help keep you on the road.
  • Replacement of the tire if damaged due to a road hazard. Tires are never plugged or patched
  • Replacement of wheels if road hazard damage prevents the tire from sealing to wheel
  • Costs associated with the replacement of the tires and/or wheels, plus labor charges including mounting, balancing, valve stems, tire disposal, and taxes
  • Towing expenses reimbursed up to $100 in the event of road hazard damage


BMW Windshield Protection provides the extra protection you need for the most important point of view. Minor chips and cracks cause by unexpected road hazards can detract from your BMW's elegant appearance and obstruct your view on the road. Preserve the most visible aspect of your vehicle by purchasing BMW Windshield Protection.
  • Repairs chips and cracks caused by propelled rocks, road debris and other road hazards
  • Service can be performed at a BMW Center, at your home, or at your place of business
  • No limit on the number of service calls, no mileage limitations, and no deductible give you comprehensive coverage

BMW Paintless Dent Repair preserves the love you had for your BMW when you first saw it. Dents and dings can be unsightly and also greatly reduce the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle. Maintaining the value and beauty of your vehicle is easy when you purchase BMW Paintless Dent Repair. It permanently removes door dings and minor dents without harming the factory finish.
  • Repairs dents and dings that inevitably appear on your vehicle through everyday driving
  • Dents and dings must be no larger than 4" in diameter and be within an accessible area on the body panel of your vehicle
  • PERMANENTLY removes door dings and minor dents without harming the factory finish

Your BMW key has important technology and features that make it a costly replace. With BMW Key Protection, you get the protection, security, and peace of mind whether your keys are lost, damaged, or stolen that will still make you excited to unlock the next ride in your BMW.
  • If your BMW keys are lost, damaged, or stolen, BMW Key Protection will cover up to $800 per occurrence--the cost to replace a single key/remote
  • BMW Key Protection provides taxi/rental/public transportation reimbursement up to $75 
  • 24-hour home lock-out assistance and locksmith reimbursement (up to $100)
  • Replacement benefit for additional non-programmable keys on the ring (up to $250 per occurrence)
  • Emergency message relay for up to three emergency contacts

**Exclusions may apply for all protection plans. Each program has specific coverage details including limitations and exclusions. Please see your Alderson BMW Client Advisor for complete details on plans and to learn which BMW Protection Plans are right for you.