Road Hazard Coverage Provides Peace of Mind and Much More

A roadside emergency can occur at any moment and it can put more than a damper on just your day - but, also your wallet. The good news is, with BMW Road Hazard Tire Coverage, you're protected!

The many benefits of BMW Road Hazard Tire Coverage begin with peace of mind. A replacement tire can be very costly. Your tires are covered in the event of a puncture due to a nail, glass, or even a blow-out, within the first year of vehicle ownership. Often times, a flat tire occurs while you're in a new area or while traveling outside of Lubbock. Your BMW Road Hazard Tire Coverage goes wherever you go! BMW has a large network of participating service centers to handle any eligible claim for replacing the damaged tire.

If you're interested in learning more, or perhaps you need to purchase approved BMW tires, reach out to Alderson European Motors, today!



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