How Does the eDrive ECO PRO System Work in the BMW i8?

BMW engineers took all the stops out when building the BMW i8. In looks, compactness, weight distribution, and in coordinating the hybrid motors for maximum performance, the BMW i8 is an example of how a hybrid vehicle should work.

With both a gasoline driven 1.5-Liter inline three-cylinder engine and an electric motor working off an 11.6 kWh battery, the BMW engineers figured out how to get the most out of coordinating the two motor systems. When the eDrive is in ECO PRO mode, the system automatically shuts down the gas engine while in traffic or stopped in Lubbock. The gas engine kicks back in when accelerating onto the offramp giving the punch for which sports cars are famous.

At Alderson European Motors we proudly display the BMW i8 on our display floor. Our certified technicians work diligently to maintain these vehicles in tip-top shape.



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