BMW 4 Series: The ultimate example of the ultimate driving machine

Of all of BMW's vehicles, the BMW 4 Series is their standout performer.

The BMW 4 Series has an irresistible style that is designed to be noticed. The eye-catching and head-turning looks are like poetry in motion. As either a coupe, convertible or grand coupe sedan, the 4-Series is unmistakably a BMW and unmistakably beautiful.

The BMW 4 Series has the dynamic performance that most cars can only dream of. Race from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds with the explosive power of BMW's Twin-Turbo engine. Feel the sheer force of a low center of gravity and BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system, which redefines how well a car can grip the road.

The interior design is perhaps the most inspired aspect of the BMW 4 Series, with a driver-centric control center and philosophy that puts your comfort first. The brilliantly designed interior gives ergonomic access, the most advanced infotainment and luxurious seats that will swaddle you and your passengers no matter what kind of road you travel on.

The BMW 4 Series is the Ultimate example of BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine.



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