Cargo: How to Safely Load Your SUV

At Alderson European Motors, we are always happy to help customers learn about safety on the road with their SUV. Loading cargo for a trip or even to move items from one place to the next can have an effect on how your vehicle performs and safety on the road.

The maximum weight for an SUV varies, but it does include passengers, gas in the gas tank and cargo. If your load capacity is 1000 lbs and you have an SUV full of people, it is best to take notice of the cargo weight.

Tires can be a concern when driving with a heavy load. Inspect your tires for good tread and any holes or tears before hitting the road.

When loading cargo in an SUV, the heaviest items should be the closest to the center of the vehicle and on the bottom of the load. The smaller items should be secured and not block visibility for safety.

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