How to Clean Your Headlights

Visibility on the road is impaired when your headlights are dirty. It's normal for headlights to yellow and become cloudy over time when they aren't cleaned. You must clean the headlights every once in a while to ensure you can see the road well. This is especially important to do before driving in non-urban areas where lighting is scarce.

An easy way to clean your headlights is with toothpaste, warm water, and a rag. Wet a rag with warm water and apply toothpaste to the rag. Then, scrub your headlights until they're clean. This method is safe for plastic and glass headlights. Sometimes the headlights are so dirty that you can't restore their visibility through this DIY method. In that instance, you may have to polish them. Be careful trying this yourself because if you accidentally scratch them during polishing, you will need to replace the headlights.

Cleaning your headlights is easy to do when you keep up with it. Toothpaste and warm water usually do the job. If you have any other vehicle service concerns, you can reach out to us at Alderson European Motors in Lubbock, TX.



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