We Can Help You Understand Oil Viscosity Ratings

You know that your car needs the proper motor oil to run correctly. Likewise, you have surely encountered oil viscosity ratings. Manufacturers recommend specific viscosity ratings for their automobiles. Common ratings include 10W-30 and 5W-20. Our team is happy to help drivers in Lubbock understand those numbers.

Viscosity is a measurement of how easily a liquid flows. Think of a dish of water. If you tip it, the water will instantly move. Now, replace the water with syrup. What happens when you tip it? The syrup moves much slower than water.

Quick-flowing liquids like water have low viscosity ratings. Slow-moving liquids have high viscosity ratings.

The rating on a motor oil container is actually a range. The number to the left of the W is that oil's viscosity when an engine is cold. Right of the dash, we see the viscosity in a hot engine.

Of course, repeated friction breaks down oil viscosity, so contact Alderson European Motors today to schedule your next oil change!
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