Alderson Community Partners

Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
Alderson Auto Group sponsors various events every year that are hosted by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.
Lubbock Symphony Orchestra

Pete Daia is a sales representative at Alderson BMW and has been an active member of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra for over 15 years. As the son of a film composer, Daia grew up with music in his blood but always had cars on his mind. "I was a car enthusiast before I could walk, I was always fascinated by them," says Daia.

Born in Romania and having lived all over the world, Daia ultimately moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University. While at Texas Tech he worked at a music store selling pianos until a friend, who worked at Alderson, sold him a car. That same friend suggested that Daia apply for a job because he had such a passion for the automotive industry. That was 32 years ago, and Daia still thrives on giving people products of excellence.

Daia also continues to pursue his passion for music by serving on the board for the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. For the past two years, he has served as Chairman, helping to provide educational programs and organize symphony concerts, which also ties back to Alderson's philanthropic roots. Since the 1950's, Alderson has sponsored at least one concert of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra each year. "It's a big deal, and Alderson also receives a lot of great exposure while supporting these events," said Daia.

When asked how he makes a connection of his love for both cars and music, Mr. Daia replied, "For me the connection is the excellence of the product being produced. There are two reasons why people buy a BMW - engineering and an emotionally satisfying experience. It's the same for music. When someone goes to the symphony, they go for the emotion that the music makes them feel." 

According to Daia, music and cars go hand in hand.
Lubbock Lemonade Day

Alderson Auto Group is a proud partner of Lemonade Day! Alderson will host a training day in April to empower youth with sales techniques, marketing strategies and customer service - all straight from the management team at Alderson! We would like to encourage the Lubbock community to join us in supporting Lemonade Day so please get out on Saturday, May 4th and sample delicious lemonade from any of the 500 lemonade stands that will be open for business.
United Way
One of the best things about serving as United Way's Campaign Chairman is having the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the many services our 23 Community Partner agencies are providing to the community. Early in the year, I visited each of the agencies and came away with a renewed appreciation for these organizations and the people who work there. It is obvious to me that these many dedicated men and women see their work not just as a job, but also as an opportunity to serve others who need their assistance.

Many of the stories of people seeking assistance are very sad.  They will tug at your heart.  They will even break your heart.  Yet, you soon find out that everyone utilizing these agencies is there with the intention of improving their situation and not just looking for a handout.  You will also quickly realize that many times multiple agencies will work together to provide what's needed to help people get back on their feet and regain the ability to care for themselves and their family.
Now that we near the end of what will be the most successful campaign monetarily for our community, I have gained an appreciation for the generosity of our community.  I am also amazed at the commitment, the work ethic and the caring attitude of over 300 volunteers working within the 2012 United Way Campaign, to them I must say thank you.  The organizations that the volunteers come from should be very proud to have them working daily for their cause.

Our dealership has a heritage of giving back to community, one that was instilled by my grandfather, uncle and then my father; their efforts make it very easy to continue the plan.  The reason we are able to give back is that the community has been very loyal to our dealership, our brands and our associates for over 63 years.  I would like to say thank you on behalf of our associates and we look forward to the future.  May you and your family enjoy this holiday season.
Hospice of Lubbock
Alderson employees raised $300 by wearing jeans on a Friday. They donated the proceeds to Hospice of Lubbock in the memory of Jack Alderson.
March of Dimes
Frenship Connection